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Sandra Rosas

Sandra Rosas

General Education Teacher, graduated from the Arturo Prat State University.

Master’s Degree in Education Management from the University of Andrés Bello de Chile.

Implemented the work placement programme FONADIS for people with disabilities in Talca, Maule Region, Chile.

Coordinator of the Inclusive Education Area of SENADIS, in the Metropolitan Region of Chile.

Currently National Head of the Education Area of SENADIS, counterparty for the proposal of public policies in Education, within the Ministry of Education, within the context of the Chilean Educational Reform.

Advisor for the Committee of Ministers on issues of Inclusive Education for Students with Disabilities.

Member of the National Network of Inclusive Institutions of Higher Education, which includes over 40 institutions.

Member of the Education Committee of the National Network of Human Rights in Education of Chile, which encompasses more than 30 institutions and organisations throughout the country.