logo III International Congress of University and Disability




  • 8.30 h. - 9.30h. Reception and registration of participants.
  • 9.00 h. - 10.30h Opening Ceremony.
    • Mr. Ramón Capdevilla. Director of UNIVERSIA Foundation.
    • Mr. Santiago Moreno. Director of Vodafone Foundation.
    • Mr. Salvador Arriola. Secretary of Cooperation of SEGIB.
    • Mr. Carlos Augusto Abicalil. General Director of Educational and Cultural Programs of the Organization of American States for Education, Science and Culture OEI.
    • Mr. Luís Cayo Pérez Bueno President of The Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities.
    • Mr. Alberto Durán. Vicepresident Executive of ONCE Foundation.
    • Mr. José Orihuela. President of Student Affairs Committee of the Conference of Chancellors of Spanish Universities and Chancellor of the University of Murcia.
    • Mr. Jorge Sainz González. General Secretary of Universities.
    • Ms. Susana Camarero. Secretary of State for Social Services and Equality.
      • Video of greeting from Ms. Soledad Cisternas. President of The UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • 10.30 h. - 11.30 h. Opening Conference. "Inclusive Education in the tenth anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities".
    • Mr. Manuel López. Chair Professor of Biochemistry, ex-President of the Conference of Chancellors of Spanish Universities and ex-Chancellor of Zaragoza University
    • Introduced by: Ms. Patricia Sanz. Vice-President of ONCE.
  • 11.30 h. - 12.00 h. Coffee Break. Open Space.
  • 12.00 h. - 13.15 h. Roundtable and Debate: "What society do we want?, What education do we need"
    • Speakers:
    • Mr. Gerardo Echeita. Professor of Evolutionary Psychology and Education. Autónoma University of Madrid. UAM.
    • Ms. Frances Gentle. President of the Internacional Council for Education of People with Disabilities.(ICEVI).
    • Ms. Anabel Moriña Díez. Professor of Teaching and School Organization. Sevilla University.
    • Ms. Sandra Rosas García. National Responsible for Higher Education of the National Disability Service (Chile).
    • Moderatingting: Mr.Humberto Rodríguez. Director of ENEHEL. Monterrey (México).
  • 13.15 h. - 14.30 h. Roundtable. University leaders: successful experiences
    • Speakers:
    • Mr. Emiliano Borja Jiménez. Chair Professor of Criminal Law. University of Valencia.
    • Ms. Angélica Partida. Researcher at CSIC.
    • Ms. Clara Garrido. Oficial attorney at the Spanish Parlament (Lower house).
    • Mr. Víctor Silva. Student representative. Andres Bello University. Chile
    • Moderatingting: Mr. Juan Antonio Ledesma. Journalist
  • 14.30 h. - 15.30 h. Lunch // Networking.Open Space

Parallel. Posters Space.

  • 13.30 h. - 15.30 h. "SPACE PRINT".
  • It will be 5 minutes presentation and 5 minutes of questions for each presentation.


  • 15.30 h. - 17.00 h. Roundtable and debate: “Skills, Employability, Employment and Entrepreneurship: new strategies for professional leadership of university students with disabilities”. Good Practices of Eropean Social Fund.
    • Speakers:
    • Ms. Sabina Lobato. Director of Training, Employment, Projects and Agreements. ONCE Foundation.
    • Ms. Malgorzata Dudko. Office of Projects and Internacional Relations at ALMA LAUREA project. (Italian Interuniversity Consortium)
    • Mr. Ramón Capdevilla. Director at UNIVERSIA Foundation.
    • Ms. Josefa Torres. Director at FEACEM. Secretary of Training and Employment Commission at CERMI.
    • Mr. Iago Pérez Santalla. Entrepreneur.
    • Moderatingting: Ms. Pilar García. Vice-Chancellor for Students at Jaume I University (Castellón)


1. Auditorium

  • 17,00h. - 18,00h. Roundtable: “Technology to improve education and learning of people with disabilities: avoiding new technological breakthroughs
    • Speakers:
    • Mr. Antonio Vargas. Google-Spain.
    • Mr. Richard Gorrie. Associate Director, Open Learning and Educational Support. University of Guelph. (Canadá).
    • Ms. Covadonga Rodrigo. Director of the Department of Technology and Accessibility. UNED
    • Ms. Vanesa Riveiro. Teacher at Gil Gayarre Foundation.
    • Moderatingting: Mr. Jesús Hernández. Director of Universal Accessibility and Innovation at ONCE Foundation.

2. Room 8. 1ª Floor.

  • 17,00h. - 18,00h. Roundtable: “The Internationalization, research and inclusive sport: Challenges for comprehensive and inclusive education in a global society”
    • Speakers:
    • Mr. Carlos Augusto Abicalil. General Director of Educational and Cultural Programs of the Organization of American States for Education, Science and Culture OEI.
    • Mr. Pablo Martín. DDirector of the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education. SEPIE.
    • Mr. Raúl Reina. Professor of Physical Activity and Adapted Sports. Miguel Hernández University (Elche).
    • Mr. José Oriol Martínez Ferrer. International Paralympic Comittee and Professor at Ramón Llull University.
    • Moderating: Mr.Daniel Aníbal García. COCEMFE.
  • 20,00h.Cultural Activity. Guided tour of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Reina Sofia.
  • Welcome cocktail at the museum.


SPACE “ROOMS”. ROOMS Nº 3, 4, 5, 6 y 8 Theatre Room

  • 09.00h. - 11.30h. Work groups. Presentation of communications.
    Schedule GT 1. (Room 3) GT 2. (Room 4) GT 3. (Room 5) GT 4. (Room 6) GT 5. (Theatre Room)
    09.00h. / 11.30 h. Inclusive university Curricular accessibility, and Inclusive Sport Skills, Employability, Employment and programs supporting for labor inclusion Regulatory frameworks and legislative demands Technological innovations for education and learning.
    Introduced and Moderating: Mr. Tiberio Feliz. Director of UNIDIS. UNED Ms. Mª Antonia Casanova. Expert on Inclusive Education. Introduced and Moderating: Ms. Esperanza Alcaín. Professor University of Granada Ms. Pilar Dotras. Professor Ramón Llull University. Introduced and Moderating: Ms. Teresa Fernández. Royal Board on Disability Ms. Ana Isabel Ruíz. Director of Education ONCE Intorduced and Moderating: Mr. Rafael de Asis.Chair Professor Carlos III University. Ms. Pilar Villarino Director CERMI. Intorduced and Moderating: Mr. Daniel Guash. Chair Accesibility UPC. Ms. Nieves Navarro. Professor UPM.
    Communications and discussion. Communications and discussion. Communications and discussion. Communications and discussion. Communications and discussion.
  • 11.30 h. - 12.00 h. Coffee Break.
  • Meeting of the Universities of Madrid

Space: Auditorium

  • 12.00 h. - 13.00 h. Roundtable: “Inclusive Universities: Achievements and pending Unreached".
    • Mr. Tiberio Feliz. Director UNIDIS. UNED.
    • Ms. Cristina Pita. Vice Chancellor of Students University of Salamanca
    • Ms. Paola Alcázar.Director of Extension. North University. Colombia
    • Ms. Eva Prokesova. Responsible of support services for people with disabilities. University of Prague.
    • Moderating: Ms. María Tussy. Head of European Programmes. ONCE Foundation.
  • 13.00 h. - 13.30 h. BEQUAL. “The path to excellence”. The quality seal for inclusive universities.
    • Mr. José Antonio Martín. Managing Director. BEQUAL Foundation.
    • Ms. Mª Jesús Martínez Silvente.Experience University of Málaga.
    • Ms. Celeste Asensi.Director of the Unit of Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities. Experience University of Valencia.
    • Moderating: Mr. Fernando Riaño.Social & Coorporative Responsability.Director of ILUNION Group
  • 13.30 h. - 14.00 h. Conclusions Reading of III International Congress University and Disability Manifesto.
  • 14.00 h. - 14.30 h. Clossing Act.

    Awards for the best paper presented in each group and the best posters.

  • 14:30h. Lunch/ Farewell Networking