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Pilar García Agustín

Pilar García Agustín

Since 2003, has been a Professor of Plant Physiology at Universitat Jaume I. Joined the ranks of the University College of Castellón in 1990 and has ties with the UJI since its creation in 1991.

Born in Valencia and completed her Bachelor’s Degree and Doctoral Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Valencia.

Has held various management positions at UJI and other entities. Between 1996 and 2001, was the Secretary of the Department of Experimental Sciences and, between 2001 and 2002, was the Director of the Department of Experimental Sciences and, from 2002 until 2010, she was the Deputy Director of ESTCE. Since 1995, she has been an ongoing faculty member of UJI. Since 2010, has been the Vice Chancellor for Students, Employment and Educational Innovation at the Universitat Jaume I. Since February 2014, she has presided over the disability and diversity group of CRUE student affairs.

She is the director for the Biochemical and Biotechnical research group at UJI. She oversees four five-year term teaching staff and four six-year term research staff. Has led seven doctoral thesis and is currently leading another two.

With regard to faculty activities, she has published sixteen articles and has submitted eight reports to national and international conferences. Since 1990, has lectured various degree subjects, such as Chemistry, Technical Agricultural Engineering and Food and Agricultural Engineering and Rural Environments.

Her research efforts are focused in the field of sustainable agriculture and citriculture as well as biotechnology. Has been the main researcher for over 27 research projects, financed by government agencies and has participated in over 18 business agreements. As a result of her research endeavours, she has published two books, 69 international articles and has submitted 80 reports to national and international conferences.