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Paola Alcázar Hernández

Paola Alcázar Hernández

Outreach Director at Universidad del Norte and Director of the Inclusion Programme for People with Disabilities, also at Universidad del Norte.

Social Communicator with a focus on journalism. Master’s Degree in Business Management. Ph.D in Psychology.

A background spans over 20 years of experience as a consultant and teacher in the public, private and academic sectors, at both national and international levels, in the fields of corporate communication, good governance, social responsibility, multiple intelligences, inclusion, equity and diversity, as well as advocacy work on public policies.

Has focused her particular interest on research and works toward quality education and inclusion from a disability and multiple intelligence perspective. The latter being the subject of her doctoral dissertation (summa cum laude).

Ten years ago, after her son, Samuel, was born with a visual impairment, she began working for people with disabilities, so that they can feel that this world belongs to them and, today, she is a social activist for inclusion in Colombia and other Latin American countries. From within the education sector, in which she works, she shares her interest with mothers, children, youth and adults, where education is the basis for social transformation and social inclusion.