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Accepted 74 communications to be exposed in the III International Congress "An Inclusive University for an Inclusive Society"

23 Sep 2016 7:15 h.

The scientist committee of the III international university and disability congress, has accepted 74 of the more of 150 proposals of communications that were supplied for its exhibition.

Although were provided for a greater international participation, the accepted communications that  came from 10 different countries, and different universities and educational institutions. Countries as Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, EE.UU, Slovenia, Germany and Spain, in their addresses aspects related with the importance of the training of faculty, the systems and curricular adaptations, the technology and of the accessibility universal in the education, etc.

It will be presented in the framework of the five groups of work, created to debate on inclusive university, curricular accessibility and inclusive sport, powers, employability, employment and programs of support to the working inclusion, legal frameworks, legislative demands and  technology innovations for the education and the learning. The exhibition in these five groups will took place the second congressional day, Friday 11th of November, from 9:00 am to 11,30 am.

Besides the importance of the training of teachers and the Universal Accessibility and the Design for All in education, communications address aspects such as the obstacles that have the women with disability found in the university, the philosophy of the inclusion in the higher education, or the use of the TIC's in the university, as well as, other topics related to the university, the inclusion and the rights.

The organization encouraged people whose works have not being admitted, to send poster, until the next October 17th. 'Poster' proposal will be a space where participants may explain its presentations during five minutes or leave a poster summarized with the development of program or any experience.