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Juan Antonio Ledesma

Juan Antonio Ledesma

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Sciences, in the field of Journalism, from the Complutense University of Madrid and Master’s Degree in Business Management from Grupo Desarrollo Software y Telecomunicaciones (GDST).

Founder of the newspaper SOLIDARIDAD DIGITAL: the first online newspaper dedicated to solely inform on all news, both national and international, with regard to the world of disability.

Worked as chief editor of the Society Section, emphasising in the areas of disability, culture, media and corporate social responsibility at SERVIMEDIA.

On the Radio, he has collaborated on “A world without barriers”, on the channel ONDA CERO, dedicated to the integration and normalisation of people with disabilities.

Currently, besides his role at SERVIMEDIA and the radio, through “La Misma Vida”, a news programme “Costa a Costa”, ABC RADIO PUNTO, he now collaborates with “Protagonistas fin de semana”. Collaborates on the news segment “Primera Plana”, the radio network of VOCENTO.

Furthermore, he partook the coverage on ABC PUNTO RADIO for the Paralympics in Beijing 2008 and London 2012. In 2012, he focused his efforts to social information at RNE, in the segment “Para que Veas”.

On television, on LA SEXTA, he was a collaborator of the programme “Sexto sentido”.

Co-author and editor of the book, Imagen Social de la Discapacidad. Estudios en homenaje a José Julián Barriga Bravo.

Has published in the journals PERFILES, (ONCE), Cermi.es (Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities) and Periodistas (FAPE).

In 2008, he was elected chairperson of the Committee on Mass Media and Social Image of Disability, a think tank body of the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI). He also presides over the Committee on Support of the Social Image of Persons with Disabilities in the Media, a body fostered by the ONCE Foundation.

In 2011, he launched medulardigital.com, a referral services platform for people with spinal cord injuries and severe physical disabilities.

His work has been the basis for being awarded the following:

“Young Journalist Award” (1996), awarded by the International Press Club.

“Professional Career Award” (2001), awarded by the ONCE Foundation.

“Tiflos Awards” for Digital Journalism (2006), awarded by ONCE

“2010 CERMI Award”, for the category of social media