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José Antonio Martín Rodríguez

José Antonio Martín Rodríguez

Master’s Degree in SME Management from the Escuela Libre de Derecho y Economía. Fifth Cohort 1996-1997.

Bachelor’s Degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid. Graduated in 1995.

Technical Secretary at FEACEM, since September 2014.

Managing Director of BEQUAL FOUNDATION, Since January 2013.

Non-profit entity, established in November 2012, promoted by CERMI, the ONCE Foundation, FEACEM and the Seeliger and Conde Foundation, which aims at identifying companies that are socially responsible with regards to disability. Coordinated the implementation of the Business Plan for the entity. Start-up of the organisation, from its incorporation and commencement of activities at the head offices. Coordination and preparation of the Board of Trustees meetings of the entity. Heads the marketing and dissemination of the Bequal Seal. Informs and speaks at conferences and congresses about the Bequal Seal.

Holds the post of Deputy Secretary of the Board of Trustees.


Project Coordinator for the creation, development, verification and management of a seal that certifies companies as being socially responsible toward people with disabilities.

PREDIF. Representative Platform for Physically Disability.

Managing Director, between January 1998 and January 2012.


December 2014, Guidelines for strategies on Corporate Social Responsibility and Disability (CSR-D) for Government Bodies and the Public Sector. Cermi

June 2016, Barriers Report, access to information and exercise of voting rights in listed companies. Cermi