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Iago Pérez Santallana

Iago Pérez Santallana

Graduate Diploma in Social Education from the University of Coruña. Worked one year at COGAMI MeuLar Servizos Asistenciais (Monforte de Lemos). Master’s Degree in Cultural Services and Doctor cum laude in Humanities and Cultural Services, both from the University of Compostela. Certified as an executive, management and business coach, “Life Coach” from IESEC-HUMAN.

In 2009, published O Ilímite de pensarte libre (Toxosoutos, Noia) and in 2011, along with Manuel Rivero, El Ilímite del potencial humano (School of Finance, A Coruña).

Since 2012, he has continuously participated on various education and coaching fora, including workshops and talks.

Along with Manuel Rivero, he is the creator of the Theory of unlimitedness (Teoría de los ilímites), which postulates the development of capacities in the face of disability. Through the development and internalisation of various contents, people can envision themselves and understand themselves with a set of limits and non-limits, incorporating what has been leaned to their self-concept and their lifetime project.

In 2015, he read his thesis: The application and development of the theory of unlimitedness in formal and informal educational contexts and was bestowed the title of cum laude.

A trainer in coaching, in social awareness activities and a contributor for various fora.