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Covadonga Rodrigo San Juan

Covadonga Rodrigo San Juan

Director of the Department of Technology and Accessibility, UNED-Vodafone Foundation, Spain.

Lecturer of the Department of Languages and Information Systems – UNED, since 2000. Her lines of investigation include: Applied educational technologies; Accessibility and Usability; Human-Computer Interaction; Quality in eLearning.

Has led two doctoral theses and twenty-two official research masters at UNED, participated in over twenty competitive projects on a national and European level. Has held university academic positions, such as Vice-Chancellor of Technology, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Technology at CRUE-TIC, during 2012-2013. Has been a peer external evaluator in accreditation processes Applied to Associated Centres, Coordinator of the Departmental Area, a member of the executive committee for university degrees, under the European framework for Excellence (EADTU) in Sweden and Spain and for SINAES in Costa Rica. For the past two decades, she has been a member of AENOR standards, related to the quality of learning and educational resources.

At the MUSACCES consortium, she is the coordinator of the INADOC Group, responsible for the accessibility of technological systems and mobile apps developed at the core of the project.