logo III International Congress of University and Disability


Honor Committee

  • Mr. Íñigo Méndez de Vigo y Montojo

    Acting Minister of Education, Culture and Sports
  • S.M. la Reina Doña Letizia

  • Ms. Fátima Báñez

    Acting Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality
  • Mr. Paulo Speller

    General secretary. Organization of American States (OEI)
  • Mr. Segundo Piriz Durán

    President. Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE)
  • Mr. Alejandro Tiana Ferrer

    Hon. Rector of the UNED
  • Mr. Luis Cayo Pérez Bueno

    President. Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI)
  • Mr. Miguel Carballeda Piñeiro

    President of the ONCE and its Foundation
  • Mr. José Antonio Villasante Cerro

    Managing Director of Santander Universities
  • Mr. Francisco Román Riechmann

    President. Vodafone Foundation
  • Ms. Catalina Devandas

    UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Scientific Committee

  • General Director of the Royal Board for Disability.

  • Mr.Rafael De Muslera Maesso

    Technical Coordinating Director. Royal Association for Disability
  • Mr. Rafael De Lorenzo García

    General Secretary. ONCE
  • Ms. Teresa Lozano Mellado

    General Secretary. Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities. CRUE
  • Ms. Pilar Villarino Villarino

    Executive director. Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Discapacidad.CERMI
  • Ms. Pilar Garcia Agustín

    Vice Rector of Students, Employment and Educational Innovation. University Jaume I. UJI Diversity Group Coordinator in Student Affairs CRUE
  • Ms. Consuelo Vélaz De Mendrano Ureta

    Professor of Research Methods and Diagnosis in Education Vice Rector of Students. UNED
  • Mr. Humberto Javier Rodriguez Hernández

    DISES President (International Division Services and Special Education), Philadelphia. ENEHRL Director, Monterrey (Mexico)
  • Mr. Gerardo Echeita

    Interfacultative Professor of Psychology and Department of Education. Autonomous University of Madrid. UAM
  • Ms. Ana Pelaez Narváez

    Member of the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities UN
  • Mr. Ramon Capdevilla Pagés

    Director. UNIVERSIA Foundation
  • Ms. María Del Mar Fernández

    Social Projects Director. Vodafone Spain Foundation
  • Ms. Marta Val Gálmez

    Managing Director. BEQUAL Foundation
  • Mr. Tiberio Feliz Murias

    Director. UNIDIS
  • Mr. Rafael De Asis Roig

    Professor of Philosophy of Law at the Carlos III University. UC3M. Member of the Institute of Human Rights Bartolomé de las Casas
  • Mr. Miguel Angel Verdugo

    Director of the Institute for Community Integration. University of Salamanca. USAL
  • Mr. Richard Gorrie

    Associate Director Open Learning and Educational Support University of Guelph, Canada
  • Mr. Victor M. Rodriguez Muñoz

    Director of the Education Department. Home Employee Foundation. FUHEM
  • Ms. Esperanza Alcain Martinez

    Professor of Civil Law and Master Coordinator on Disability and Dependency. University of Granada. UGR
  • Ms. Consuelo Del Moral Ávila

    EGR professor of architecture. Accessibility expert. University of Granada. UGR
  • Ms. Nieves Navarro Cano

    Architecture professor and expert in accessibility. Polytechnic University of Madrid. UPM
  • Ms. Celeste Asensi Borrás

    Professor and Director of Service Disability. Valencia's university. UV
  • Ms. Cecilia Simón Rueda

    Deputy Rector for Attention to Diversity. Autonomous University of Madrid. UAM
  • Dr. Daniel Guash Murillo

    Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Chair of Accessibility. Polytechnic University of Madrid. CPU
  • Ms. Sandra Huertas Romero

    Director of the Social Area. University of Comillas.
  • Mr. Raúl Reina Vaillo

    Professor Adapted Physical Activity and Sport. Director of Service for Students with Disabilities. University Miguel Hernández de Elche. UMH
  • Ms. Pilar Dotras Ruscalleda

    Professor and Member of Personnel Service Orientation FPCEE Blanquerna. Ramón Llull University.
  • Ms. Maria Antonia Casanova

    Director. Higher Institute of Educational Development.
  • Ms. Isabel Martinez Lozano

    University Commissioner for Youth and Special Plans. ONCE Foundation.
  • Mr. Jesús Hernández Galán

    Director of Universal Accessibility and Innovation. ONCE Foundation.
  • Ms. Sabina Lobato Lobato

    Director of Training, Employment, Projects and Agreements. ONCE Foundation.
  • Ms. Ana Isabel Ruiz

    Director Education, Employment and Cultural Promotion. General Direction of the ONCE
  • Ms. Maribel Campo

    PhD from the University of Salamanca. Expert on Disability