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Clara Garrido

Clara Garrido

Clara Garrido was born in Salamanca on 29 March 1976. At just two years of age she was diagnosed with early terminal pigmentary retinosis which left her practically blind from birth, and she currently retains no functional visual capacity.

She was among the pioneers in implementing the integrated education model in her home town, completing her primary and secondary education under this system, together with her Law Degree, which she obtained from the University of Salamanca in 1998. She received an Erasmus Scholarship for her final year for London Guildhall University, where she spent the whole academic year. In addition to her standard scholarship she also received additional EU aid for extraordinary expenses in the UK resulting from her disability.

In 2004 she entered the Corps of Lawyers of the Assembly of Madrid by competitive examination. She held this post for ten years, during which she provided legal assistance to the bodies of the Chamber (Plenary Council, Committees, Board and Council of Spokespersons). She combined this work with authorship of various legal publications and teaching Masters’ Degree courses at both the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Valencia.

In 2011 she was also appointed Chief Lawyer of the Legal Advisory Department of the Assembly of Madrid, and since this time, for almost four years, she has directed the Chamber’s defence before the Regular Courts and the constitutionality of the laws she has approved before the Constitutional Court.

In 2014 she entered the Corps of Lawyers of the Cortes Generales (Spain’s Parliamentary Courts), also by competitive examination, but this time taking the general examination rather than entering the specific selection process for disabled people as she decided to waive the restricted selection process and adapt her time and resources to sitting the entry examination under the same terms as all the other candidates, a possibility which did not exist in the case of her previous examination. She has since provided legal assistance to the bodies of the Chamber of Congress as the in-house lawyer for the Oversight Committee of the State radio and television entity RTVE, and she belongs to the Legal Advisory Department of the Central Electoral Council, where her work consists of reporting and submitting proposals regarding the issues it is to debate. She continues to combine these duties with publication and teaching work, and has also begun a Doctoral Thesis in Constitutional Law.