logo III International Congress of University and Disability

Call for Papers

In order to have more opportunities for participation during the Congress and that everyone who wants, can expose in an orderly manner their experiences and / or reflections on the generic theme "Disability and University", the Congress offers a space for POSTERS, in which during 5 minutes of exposure and 5 minutes of questions, participants can present their presentations.

The space is open to all people attending the III Congress: teachers, researchers, students, technical staff, persons of associations, institutions linked to education. If you are interested in participating, please inform the following email: ciud@fundaciononce.es, from September 1st to October 17th, 2016, specifying if you need any technical requirements for submission.

The posters will be presented in the space provided especially for it. It will previously inform to everyone the title and order of presentations and they will be developed in the language of the person who will expose.