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Call for papers

In the year that marks the 10th anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the main objective of the Third International Congress of University and Disability is to go over the progress achieved to comply with Article 24 of the Convention, which recognizes the right of persons with disabilities to education and ensures an inclusive education system at all levels. The aim is to share experiences, best practices and the most relevant research on inclusive education, disability support services and all initiatives and projects relating to University and Disability. In conclusion, to highlight the works that represent progress in educational innovation, universal accessibility and design for all, the guarantee of equal opportunities for persons with disabilities and the improvement of their quality of life, in order to continue advancing towards inclusive universities for an inclusive society.

A forum is provided for the exhibition of works on this subject which are being carried out at national and international level.


The deadline for the submission of communications has expired.

Once all proposals are received, the Scientific Committee will evaluate them, making the resolution public on August 10th, 2016.

All authors whose proposals have been accepted will receive an explanatory document with information on the format and extent of the papers. The documents may be submitted to the technical secretariat of the congress until October 3rd, 2016.

Best practices, innovative models and experiences and research of interest at national and international level will be positively considered.

The selected papers will be presented at the III Congress of University and Disability according to the organization schedule as published in the program.

The selected papers read at the Congress will be published in the Minutes of the III Congress of University and Disability and will be widely disseminated.

The author(s) will receive the appropriate certification of participation for academic purposes.